Getting over a breakup

Breakup is the most painful phase of your life. Nobody wants a breakup as people thrive on love. At times, some situations lead to a breakup – and you have no choice but to deal with it.

Besides, it hurts to tell the person that you won’t be with the person anymore. Even though most millennials take breakup positively – and see it as a step toward personal growth. For some, it can lead to a painful road ahead. Dealing with a breakup1 is never easy – so let us see the 5 stages of a breakup a person goes through.

5 Stages of a Breakup

Stage 1 – Denial

It’s the first stage of a breakup – where a person might feel shocked and deny the fact. In denial, a person might recollect all sorts of promises made like – she promised that she would stay forever, or he told me that he was the one for me. It’s a stage, where you may try to convince that your partner might change the decision and you’ll be together again.

Stage 2 – Bargaining

It is a stage – where a person wants one more chance. After denial, you may want to bargain for another chance. You may ask your partner – Can we give our relationship one last try?

It’s a stage – where you want to know why it happened. People often look for clarity and closure during the phase of breakup.

Stage 3 – Anger

Once you have moved from the denial stage – the next stage is anger. After a breakup, you’ll have an angle on what occurred – and you weren’t expecting this. Here, you could be angry with yourself for not investing in the relationship or with your partner who broke all the promises made.

In either case, it may take time to possess that something happened – and things have ended. Besides, anger is an emotion that often surfaces on a deeper and emotional level.

Stage 4 – Depression

Many people suffer from depression and grief after a breakup, especially if the relationship was an intimate one. At this point, you’ll accept the reality that the breakup happened – and you will grieve or feel sad.

Feeling sad is normal – and it helps you give closure. However, if you slip into a deep depression – you might need emotional help. Seek your family support or talk to your friends.

Stage 5 – Acceptance

Acceptance is the most vital stage – where a person accepts a breakup. And once this happens, you might feel more positive towards life. There is no option but to move on with life – so here you can find ways to deal with it positively.

Once you feel resolved about it, it will make you emotionally and mentally stable. Additionally, acceptance helps you seek new love later on.

Seeking closure after a romantic breakup

Seeking closure after a romantic relationship breakup may help you feel better about yourself. At times, a breakup means finding yourself and changing things for good. Plus, it can help you improve your future relationships.

Getting over a breakup teaches you – that you won’t make the same mistake again. Anxiety after a breakup is common. But when you seek closure, it may leave you more satisfied and content. Also, it may change the way you look at things or people in life. Breaking up with someone you love will help you evolve in life.

Top 5 tips to get over a breakup

Getting through a breakup might require some patience and a positive outlook. Besides, you can:

  1. Give yourself some space – and stay off social media, as it will give you peace of mind.
  2. Keep yourself busy – and indulge in hobbies you love – painting, cooking, writing, or gardening.
  3. Relax and take time out – binge-watch your favorite shows and movies.
  4. Talk to your loved ones – your close friends and family members, seek their support in dealing with a breakup.
  5. Give it some time – and slowly allow yourself to come to terms with it.

Personal growth after a breakup

On the brighter side, self-growth after a breakup gives a new dimension to life. Personal growth focuses on how to improve characteristics, beliefs, and traits.

Have you noticed that people who take up breakup positively2 work on their body and choose fitness; some also train their minds to become strong emotionally.

Additionally, some people recognise environmental factors, as they gain distance from relationships. In short, personal growth helps to enhance future relational quality.

Online counseling for the breakup

Breakups might feel like your world has come to an end, but this isn’t true. Dealing with a breakup may surely be a tough thing to do – but not impossible. You can seek emotional support from friends and family – when feeling low.

Another option is to opt for online counseling for a breakup. If you’re feeling depressed or are struggling to move on in life, rely on a trusted friend.

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Breakup FAQs

How to get over a breakup?

Rebuild your self-esteem – and try not to go for a rebound. Give yourself the space you need – and go for a social media detox. Right down what you feel and let go of your ideas of closure. Seek emotional support from friends, family, pets, or online counseling experts.

How do you know your ex is over you?

If he/she is cold or rude – when he/she talks to you or he/she is already in a new relationship, it is a red flag. If he/she has un-friended or blocked you on social media sites or if he told you that he/she has moved on, you know for sure.

Is it normal to cry every day after a breakup?

Breakup triggers many emotions like – sadness, depression, regret, guilt, anger, and bargaining. Understanding your emotional state3 might take time, which often leads to crying uncontrollably. As time passes, the acceptance phase will kick in – and you will cry less.

What should you not do after a breakup?

Negative self-talk or brooding on past mistakes is a complete no. Don’t idealize the person who dumped you – and avoid dating the next day. Take a break from your life and go for a trip. Don’t disconnect from your loved ones – or else it might lead to severe depression.

How do I move on?

Practice gratitude – and let go of the relationship, as you can’t do anything about it. Socialize with the support group – and write down what you learned from your relationship in a breakup diary. Seek new challenges and opportunities and stay optimistic.

It can get hard to manage a breakup by self. Online counselling can help.

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